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Post of the best online casinos:

Monaco Gold
This online casino gives you $1000 free to play here.

One of the best online casinos ever played.

Club Dice
With the live roulette, this is one of the top online casinos.

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 Since online gambling is a relatively new venture, there is not many laws governing it, as for example, the off-line casino gambling. Always make sure to check within your local region for online gambling laws.

 Are online casinos fair? - In general - yes. A casino does not need to cheat to make profit, the house edge gives a casino a good margin to generate profit. Most online casinos have their pay-out percentages audited by major accounting firms. However, dishonest casinos do exist, so choose a casino wisely.

We rank and organize the online casinos by the number of new player accounts opened in a certain period, usually a week, thus the rank list may change frequently.

In the news:

Jakarta has claimed that it is really unhappy with what is going on within its country. Jakarta police have stated that although the problem of gambling has always exited within the country, the world of online casinos has brought in even more heat and problems.
Iowa has announced that more people have been using their gambling addict’s hotline suggesting that the amount of gambling addicts around has grown in number.

The world poker tour television show producers in Las Vegas have become very interested in protecting its copyright.

Online gaming companies are always having an issue making sure to keep underage players out of the online gaming companies.

The World Poker Exchange has just released the result if its survey on U.S. poker players. The World Poker Exchange is sponsoring the London Open Lifestyle Tournament which takes place in August and is one of the most important events for poker players.

• Castro angry at being on Forbes' list of world's richest

• 'Idol' mystery solved? Vazquez hires Clay Aiken's lawyer

• Royal wedding blessing ceremony to be live on TV

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